Information on Rip Tides

  • National Weather Service (NWS) - Rip Current Report - This site provides a forecast of surf zone hazards including a rip current risk for the beaches of Alabama and the Western Florida Panhandle.  For the latest information on the Gulf Shores beach condition, call Gulf Shores Storm Information Line:  (251) 968-TIDE
  • NWS - Rip Currents: Break the Grip of the Rip - This page provides some great information about what rip currents are, safety tips, actual photos and survivor stories from those that have been caught in a rip current. This site also contains links to technical articles on rip currents and other publications.
  • United States Lifesaving Association - Rip Currents - Rivers Through the Surf  - This site covers rip current formation, rip current survival as well as longshore currents and inshore holes. They have included a USLA's Top Ten Safety Tips for how to swim safely.
  • howstuffworks - How Rip Currents Work - This article covers a little bit of the science behind rip currents and how they are produced as well as how to survive a rip current should you get caught in one.